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The country’s only manufacturer of caprolactam CAPRO

Capro Co., the country’s only caprolactam manufacturer, was established in 1969 and began its historic first production in 1974, thus manufacturing and supplying nylon raw material, which previously had only been imported into the country, and opening a new horizon in the domestic petrochemical market.

Embracing the management philosophies of unity, accountability, enhanced productivity, and technological development, Capro continued its R&D and facility expansion. It thus established its second factory in 1989, a cyclohexane factory in 2000, and its third factory in 2004, thus growing into a world-class company capable of producing over 270,000 tons of caprolactam a year.

Capro is never satisfied with the status quo. Instead, with its strong determination, pioneering spirit, and accumulated expertise and know-how, it pledges to create a better future where people and nature co-exist harmoniously with each other.