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The perfect maintenance of safety and health is our best management policy and our competitive edge.

Capro continues to drive forward safety-, health-, and environment-protection-related activities with the goal of achieving zero accidents 365 days a year, with the management of safety and health as the first priority, to create a pleasant and healthy workplace.

  • Systematically manage safety and health activities by introducing relevant systems
  • Strengthen accident-preventive activities in the work frontlines
  • Conduct various safety inspections of facilities
  • Operate our own firefighting squad and hold emergency response drills
  • Prevent workers’ occupational diseases and promote their good health

To continue to manage safety and health, we are endeavoring to introduce advanced systems, to establish a safety culture in our workplaces, to maintain an accident- and pollution-free workplace, and to achieve safety management participated in by all the members.

Safety Management Staff Members
  • Staff  Jeon Tae Jin (Tel. 052-270-9781 / Fax. 052-270-9794)
  • Environment and Safety Team Head
     Hyun-gyun Kim (Tel. 052-270-9780)