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Welcome to the Capro Website. Capro is leading the way in creating a better future for the petrochemical industry.

Capro Corporation ("Capro") started its business along with the foundation of Korean petrochemical industry in the early 1970s. Since its establishment, Capro has played a pivotal role in supplying Korean textile industry with caprolactam which is the raw material for nylon, therefore contributed itself to the development of the industry and country.

Caprolactam process requires an amount of initial investment costs. In addition, it is very hard to sustain production process safely and to dispose of after-process waste materials. For the last 45 years, however, Capro has served as an exemplary petrochemical company in every field including environment, safety management and energy conservation without causing any accident or pollution.

With its challenging spirit and innovative business strategies, Capro has overcome countless adversities and sustained steady growth, one of which is, its remarkable achievement in production workload that recorded 70% over than original production capacity. This is Capro's own extraordinary achievement that any other caprolactam company cannot easily accomplish.

With its superior workmanship and key role as a sole caprolactam producer in the country, Capro Corporation will jump up to be a leading petrochemical company in the world.

Thank you very much